North Coast 500

Driving the North Coast 500 in a Go Scotland Motorhome gives you the freedom to stop and explore whenever and wherever you feel the need. Take as much time as you wish to enjoy the route in your home away from home.

Dubbed “Scotland’s Route 66” and “one of the top coastal trips in the world,” The North Coast 500 is a simply stunning route that is perfectly suited to be explored in one of our hired Motorhomes or Campervans.

The NC500 route is just over 500 miles and begins in the capital of the Highlands- Inverness. From there it follows the A835 towards the west coast and snakes along the coastline upwards through the North West Highlands, across the north edge of mainland Britain, and finally down the east coast on the A9 from Britain’s most northerly town, John O’Groats, completing the loop in Inverness.

The 500-mile track naturally hugs Scotland’s spectacular coastal scenery. On your journey, you will encounter villages and towns of places like Ullapool, Durness, Dornoch and Inverness. Throughout the route, there are many beautiful campsites that are fully equipped. However, travelling in one of Go Scotland’s Motorhomes gives you the freedom to stop anywhere along the route at any time.

Without a doubt, we cannot describe this incredible journey in just a few paragraphs but I hope you get the sense of the beauty the route has to offer, especially if you hire a motorhome or campervan from us. We do recommend you plan your trip carefully, the 500-mile stretch does have some roads that would be difficult to navigate in our bigger motorhomes. Please use the links below for more information.


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