Where do I collect the Campervan from?

We are located on the outskirts of Edinburgh in Bathgate. It takes 20 minutes by car from Edinburgh airport and 50 minutes from Glasgow airport. We offer pick up services from both airports and surrounding train stations. You can also drive and park at our site.

How long will the hand over process take?

From arrival to our site and you leaving can take up to 1 hour. When you arrive, we go through your rental agreement, together we will check your vehicle for any damage, then we will show you how everything works inside your motorhome.

How long does returning our campervan take?

From your arrival back to our site to leaving we recommend allowing 30 minutes. Upon your return, will be checking your vehicle for damage and taking a signature to close the agreement.

How many miles to the gallon do the vans offer?

Roughly 24 miles to the gallon depending on how it is driven. The vans are all turbo diesel.

How much water do the vans hold and how long will it last?

The vans hold no less than 100L of water. A family of 4 could expect up to 3 days usage. Please bear in mind that showers use a lot of water and we would recommend that you use caravan park facilities if available.

Why would you need a generator?

We offer a generator to hirers who will not have access to power because they will be “rough camping” and not on a campsite with hook ups. The motorhome has a separate in house battery or auxiliary battery which needs to be powered to give power to the van. Without a power source you can expect to have enough power only for lights for up to 2 nights. The auxiliary battery will need to be charged up. Please note your engine battery is separate from this.

Can we expect to be given instructions on how to use the van?

We spend on average about half an hour to forty mins with you to show you how to operate the van. We also give you a manual and telephone numbers to contact us if you run into difficulty.

What is the £800 security deposit for and how is it paid?

We hold this for any damage brought to the van or its contents while out on hire. This also acts as the excess should you find yourself in an accident. It is refundable. We ask that the security deposit be paid by credit (2% charge on credit) or debit card. Please note we do not take cash for this.

What identification do I need to bring as a driver?

We ask that you bring your drivers licence and another form of identification like a passport or utility bill. At least one form has to have a photo. All drivers need to show ID.

Can we leave our car and what time can we pick up the van?

Yes, you can leave your car in our warehouse while you’re away. During high season pick up time is between 3-5 pm. During low season we can work outside these times.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we offer a pet friendly service.

I do not hold a Full UK Driving License; however, I do hold a valid driving license in the country I live in. Am I still eligible to drive your motorhomes?

Drivers from Australia, Canada, United States and New Zealand and most European countries are also qualified. If you are from out with these countries, please get in touch and we will call our insurers to check that your license is eligible for motorhome rental/hire in the UK. There is sometimes an additional excess for countries not listed above.

What is the difference between RV’s, campervans and motorhomes?

RV is an umbrella term popular in North America used to describe motorised vehicles used for camping. RV can be used to refer to both motorhomes and campervans

Motorhomes are larger 2 to 6 berth vehicles, generally built on a long-wheel base. Motorhomes usually include kitchen and bathroom facilities, as well as other features typically found in a home

The term campervan usually refers to a smaller 2 to 3 berth vehicle. While many campervans include bathrooms and kitchens, they are typically more compact than the average motorhome.

We offer both RV/Motorhomes and Campervans.

Do you hire your motorhomes all year round?

Yes, we have many happy campers come to us throughout the entire year.

Tell me about the insurance cover?

Insurance is included in the rental price, and covers one driver aged 25-70, with a full driving licence, with no more than 6 points on your licence. Additional drivers can be added when you book.

Can I take the Campervan outside of the UK? (England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland)

Yes, there is an additional charge to amend the insurance, but once that’s sorted, you can cruise all over the Republic of Ireland and the rest of Europe.

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